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A small minority players in each game will be randomly selected as Traitors at the beginning of the match, although there will be only one Traitor in a lobby of five players, and can be altered in custom games. The Traitor's goal is to stop the survivors from escaping, by any means necessary.

What to do as a Traitor

As a Traitor, your goal is to stop Survivors from escaping. To achieve that, you’ll need to work together with another Traitor to sabotage repair attempts while picking off the Survivors. Traitors win when all Survivors die or fail to escape. Only Traitors know who each other are.

  • You’ve spawned into the cabin. This is a safe zone, you can’t attack in this area.

  • At the start of the game, Traitors are easily outnumbered and can be killed quickly. Blend in with the Survivors and avoid suspicion.

  • Sabotage the repaired objectives using Traitor credits and do whatever you can to stop Survivors from escaping.

Tools to help you

Red Radios: If there is more than one traitor, they all spawn in with a red radio, SURVIVORS DO NOT. Talk in secret and utilize this hidden frequency to work together to take the survivors down

Crafting & Cooking stations: Harvest resources from rock nodes, trees and bushes to craft useful items here.

Map/Objective Board: Check the map to see the layout of the environment and locate objectives. Obtain a bonus objective from this board. Completing the bonus objective will net you extra Survival Points, failure to complete it will deduct points from your overall score.

Traitor Crates: Open these crates to get useful items, stat boosts and Traitor Credits. Credits are used to sabotage survivor objectives. Only Traitors can use Traitor Crates. Beware, crates are noisy to open and will attract attention.

Traitor Hatches: Use these to teleport to various points in the map. Only Traitors can use Hatches. Hatches are also noisy to use and will attract attention.

Traitor Air Drops: If Survivors are unable to repair their objective in time, Traitors will get an airdrop. These air drops contain powerful items and can activate abilities that will hinder Survivors or help Traitors.

Traitor Abilities

There are several abilities that can be activated from the traitor airdrop. Each ability will hinder the survivors or aid the traitors, but the timing of when to activate these abilities are very important. The abilities are as follows:

  • Global Exile: Global exile will exile every player from the cabin for a short amount of time.
  • Jam Radios: This ability will jam all radios for a short amount of time, making survivors unable to communicate by distance.
  • Reveal Escape Vehicle: This ability will reveal the location of the escape vehicle to the traitors, so they can set up traps before it arrives or get a head start and camp it out before the survivors arrive.