Project Winter Wiki

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Survivors make up the majority of the lobby and it is their job to work together, repair objectives, and call in a rescue vehicle for escape.

Some survivors have special roles with abilities to aid their team. For those specific roles, refer to Additional Roles

What to do as a Survivor

As a Survivor, your ultimate goal is to survive and escape. To achieve that, you’ll need to work together with the others to fix two separate objectives on the map and then call for rescue from the radio in the cabin.

  • You’ve spawned into the cabin. This is a safe zone, you can’t attack in this area.
  • Leave the cabin and check the map. You will be able to find the Power Station, repair this to activate power on the grid and unlock the next objective. Find repair materials in bunkers spread throughout the map, which require 2-3 players to open. You can also craft repair materials.
  • Three possible locations for the second objective will be revealed on the map, head out there and explore to locate the objective! Be on the lookout for Traitors among your group whose goal is to stop the Survivors from escaping at any cost.
  • Once the second objective is repaired, you will be able to call in a rescue from the cabin.
  • Escapes can be called twice! If one vehicle leaves with survivors still remaining in the map, those left behind can still call the escape a second time.

Player Stats

All players start out with 1000 health, 500 warmth, and 500 hunger.

To help visualize it:

  • Punches deal about 100 damage when fully charged
  • Warmth goes down at a rate of about 5 warmth every 4 seconds
  • Hunger goes down 1 every second

Tools to help you

Crafting & Cooking stations: Harvest resources from rock nodes, trees and bushes to craft useful items here.

Map/Objective Board: Check the map to see the layout of the environment and locate objectives. Obtain a bonus objective from this board. Completing the bonus objective will net you extra Survival Points, failure to complete it will deduct points from your overall score.

Bunkers: There are many bunkers spread throughout the map which will contain crates with repair materials and useful items. These bunkers will require the cooperation of 2-3 players to open.

Professor's Lab: The Professor"s Lab will contain a truth serum that a player can use to reveal the role of another player. To open this lab, three players must activate control switches spread throughout the area surrounding the lab. There will be exposed tubing in the grounds to indicate the direction of these control switches.

Exile Station: If you suspect anyone as a Traitor, you can exile them using this console. The players who get the most votes will be exiled from the cabin unless someone removes their vote or the player dies.

Blue/Yellow Radios: You can craft these with electronic scraps or can find them in special crates on the map. Use them to communicate with your teammates anywhere on the map.

Survivor Airdrops: If only 1-2 Survivors remain and there is less than 15 minutes on the timer, a Survivor Airdrop will be deployed, which will be filled with useful items and weapons to help the remaining Survivor(s) in their fight against the Traitors. It will also allow the Survivors to open all bunkers.