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Poison is a trap item. When a player has it, they will have the ability to poison most interactable objects. When poisoned, a player will be slowed, lose hunger, and receive a permanent stat debuff of -10% Health, -10% Food, and -10% Warmth. The only way to fix the debuff is to eat a potpie afterward or drink (or have drunk) energy drinks.


Vial of Poison[]


There are three ways to obtain a vial of poison :

  1. a Secure Crate. The chance that poison spawns in a Traitor Crate is high, and up to 3 can spawn in a single crate.
  2. find it in a Supply Crate, although it is very rare one will spawn.
  3. craft it using one Fuel and one Herb.


The vial of poison can be used to poison interactable objects. When it is poisoned, a purple skull icon will appear over the poisoned object, visible to the user and, if applicable, their fellow traitors.

Normal trap rules apply. When a player interacts with the poisoned object, that player is poisoned and the poison icon vanishes. That interactable is no longer poisoned.

Poison can also be used to cook poisoned consumables at the stove. Any cookable consumable, including First Aid Kits, can be combined with one vial of poison to craft a poisoned variant of that food. Poisoned items are mostly indistinguishable from their normal counterparts, but will act as though they were a vial of poison.

Poisoned items cannot be stacked with their safe counterparts. If a survivor put a poisoned item in the cabin storage, even him will lose the track of the poisoned item as the tag is removed. But you can still not stack them.