Project Winter Wiki

First Objectives[]

There are currently 3 objectives in the pool of first objectives.

Be aware Traitors can remove items or booby trap the Power Station so use caution. If exiled, players will be locked out of accessing the first objective as well as the base.

Repair the Power Station: Parts[]


In this objective players will need to examine the generator to determine what materials are required for repair. players need Electronic Scrap, Mechanical Scrap, and/or Fuel to repair the objective. players will need one of the following combinations of materials: 14-16 of a single material, 8-10 of two out of the three materials, or 6-7 of all the materials. If sabotaged will require significantly less parts to repair.

Repair the Power Station: Dig[]


In this objective, players will find a dig station full of shovels and 4 images showing locations around the map. Survivors must identify each location and use a shovel to dig up a part. Once players have collected all 4 part use them to repair the Power Station.


On the left of the shovels, you will find a map. Check the map by pressing « E » when you left the map, the pictures will be saved on the left side of your screen. So you will be able to check during your trip to make sure you are at the right place. These parts are very powerful. So when you are close to them, you will hear a specific sound, like a energy field force humming. Keep searching, you are very close ! If a traitor sabotages the objective, it will require a random dig part which can be found in the same location as before. So try to get more than one of the same part and keep them safe.

This objective does not appear in Blackout DLC*

Repair the Cipher Station[]


In this objective, players will find an uplink stations near the cabin and remote stations located in bunkers around the map. players will need to find 3 or 4 digits around the map to advance to the 2nd objective. players can find digits in bunkers that are shown during the startup animation. Cabins, Domes, and a few others. If a bunker has a small rectangular box with a green light on it, it has a code console inside, and one of the digits.


Traitors can sabotage both the code console and the objective can be

sabotaged. For three traitor credits, a traitor can sabotage a code console to have it display an incorrect number instead of one of the right ones. If the objective sabotaged, it will require a new, 2 digit sequence to repair. All code consoles will be updated with a new number to reflect the code now required.

This objective does not appear in Blackout DLC*

Second Objectives[]

There are currently 3 secondary objectives to do.

Secondary objectives can always be found by following telephone poles or light beacons (Blackout DLC) even before the first is completed. Secondary objectives can only be used after the first objective is completed. Secondary objectives are not initially found after the first objective is completed but will be marked in 3 random locations around the map by the base, until the beacon is activated. There are 3 types of secondary objectives: Helipad, DSRV* (Blackout) [Deep Sea Recon(Rescue?) Vehicle], Weather Station, Radio Tower*

The Helipad will always be where the rescue vehicle is. Otherwise the exit location will be marked by a chain-link fence and three doors to enter the area. The doors will not open until the rescue vehicle has been called and the arrival animation has finished. There is no way to lock out the Traitors from sabotaging this objective.

Animal Wave[]

A.K.A.: Channeled Repair, Defense Repair; This repair type is probably the simplest, but could be the hardest if the innocent are low on manpower. The repair type is represented by a large circle in the center right of the console.


The Animal Wave is a repair objective that can spawn as the second objective. To repair it, players must hold down the repair button on the objective until the circle fills up and turns green. However, animals will spawn around the objective in increasing difficulty until the objective is fixed. During the animal attack any of the following animals can spawn and in combination with one another: Normal Wolves, White Wolves, Bears, Polar Bears

Which types of animals and how many animals spawn is determined by the number of survivors alive when the wave starts. Every wave spawns when the repair wheel reaches any of the predetermined percentages. Once one of the invisible percentages is reached, a wave of animals will spawn around the objective that will be more difficult to defeat than the last. If sabotaged, to repair, players just need to activate it again.

Parts Repair[]

This repair type is the exact same as the first objective. Innocents have to collect or build parts and place them in console to repair. This objective can be identified by the top of the console being 2 rectangles and a square shape. If sabotaged will require significantly fewer parts to repair.

Battery Repair[]

This one can be the most difficult one if time is short. The Power Cell objective is identified by the console having 3 circles near the top of the console. Each circle is a slot where the Power Cells rest once placed. There will be a unique prompt to the console, instead of Repair, it will be Locate Parts. Once used, the player will see blue lightning circles on their HUD. The circles are the location of the 3 Power Cells needed to repair the objective. If sabotaged, to repair, players just need to activate it again.

Bonus Objectives[]

Bonus objective prompt.jpg

Bonus Objectives are things that players can complete before the end of the game for extra points.Bonus objectives must be acquired from the Cabin Map.The prompt Claim Objective is how players acquire the bonus objective when looking at the map.A player must be in the zoomed in sight of the map. They can be role exclusive so if players are a traitor keep them secret!

The Identity Thief will always start with a bonus objective, Steal another players role. This objective can only done on a corpse.


  • In v1.1.9582, the Parts repair objective evolved. Before this update, the parts objective would require 15 of one specific material. The requirements were the same in every game.
  • The Cipher Station used to have a VRN, which was a three letter combination. All code consoles had a VRN in the upper right corner, and the number displayed was only correct if the console's VRN matched the VRN of the objective. This feature was removed in the "We've Heard You..." update.
  • The Battery objective used to take way longer than it does now due to the speed a player carrying a battery walks at. Any player holding a battery walked at 46% their original speed, as opposed to the 70% speed currently in the game. This speed was increased in the "We've Heard You..." update.