Project Winter Wiki

Navigation is critical in Project Winter. You can get around the map by using a variety of methods:

  • Using the mini map on the top of the screen.
  • Using the map posted outside the cabin.
  • Using on-screen objective markers.
  • Following the signs back to the cabin.

The use of all these methods will help both survivors and traitors to complete their objectives. 

Using the Map on the Screen

  • Top map.PNG
    When a game begins, a 3x3 grid bearing north, south, east, and west, will be displayed on the player’s screen.
  • The highlighted areas on the map will show the current location of which block the player is in.
  • The cabin will always be in the middle square regardless of the map generation.
  • The map can also be used as a compass for general direction.


Using the Cabin Map

  • Map.PNG
    The map is located in front of the cabin, to the left.
  • You can see the layout of the map here, the layout of the map will change each round.
  • The map will direct you to the first objective, once it has been repaired the map will show three "?" which will indicate possible locations for the second objective.

Getting back to the Cabin

Cabin marker.PNG

Returning to the cabin is an integral part of gameplay, as it will provide shelter from blizzards and the cold, and it is where you will need to go to craft items and cook food. There are several signposts distributed throughout the map that will point the players towards the cabin. Be wary though, these signposts can be destroyed.