The Laboratory is similar to a bunker. While it is more challenging to open, players gain access to 8 crates, 2 truth serum, and the Lazarus Machine

Opening[edit | edit source]

One big challenge that presents itself almost immediately is opening the Laboratory. The Lab is always located in the cabin tile. One of the opening consoles is in front of the Lab, but the other two are somewhere else in the cabin tile. From the center console, three wires branch out. One connects to the lab, but the other two will lead straight to another one of the three consoles needed to open the lab. Each one has three lights on it, and they turn green based on how many activated consoles there currently are. When all three are activated, the lab opens!

Truth Serum[edit | edit source]

In the main room of the lab are two truth serum containers. These are identifiable by a cylinder with a yellow square on top. The lower one can be opened, and when it is, the light on top turns green. The top container can be opened 5 minutes after opening the lab.

Truth serum can be used on anybody by walking up to a player with it in hand and holding one´s interact key. The player that used the truth serum will see what team the person that it was used on is on. Using the truth serum on a player will reveal their role, or special role if they have one.

Only the person who used the truth serum can see the alignment of the player they used it on.

Identity Thief[edit | edit source]

If the truth serum is used by a traitor on the Identity Thief, the Thief appears to be a survivor, and if the truth serum was used by a survivor, the Identity Thief appears as a traitor.

Lazarus Machine[edit | edit source]

In the main room of the lab is the Lazarus Machine. It can be used only by the Scientist. The Scientist can take a dead player's heart and put it into the Lazarus Machine to create a clone of the player. If the player is still in the game, they will be revived without the ability to communicate. No voice chat, no typing, no emotes.

No matter what the player's original role was, the clone has a 90% chance of coming back as a survivor, and a 10% chance they are revived as a traitor. If they are revived as a traitor, they will spawn with a red radio, but since they can't talk, it serves only to let the other traitors privately tell the clone things. 

Sabotaging the Lazarus Machine can be done once before use by any traitor. A traitor spends 4 traitor credits to sabotage the machine, and when sabotaged, if a traitor is revived, it is guaranteed that they will return as a traitor. Every traitor will get an announcement on their screen that the Lazarus Machine was sabotaged.

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