There are a variety of items that can be crafted and found in bunker crates.

Repair Materials[edit | edit source]

There are three types of repair materials in the game: mechanical scrap, electronic scrap, and fuel. Each repair objective will require at least one of these three materials to repair it:

  • I metalscrap.png
    Mechanical Scrap: These can be found in bunkers spread throughout the map, or can be crafted with one wood and one ore.
  • I electronicscrap.png
    Electronic scrap: These can be found in bunkers spread throughout the map, or can be crafted with one wood and one ore. Electronic scrap can also be used to craft radios, and trap disarm kits.
  • I fuel.png
    Fuel: These can be found in bunkers spread throughout the map, or can be crafted with two berries. Fuel can also be used to fuel a fire or to craft smoke bombs and poison.

Miscellaneous Items[edit | edit source]

I campfire kit.png

  • Campfire Kit: A campfire kit is a consumable item that can be deployed to restore warmth to a player outside the cabin. A campfire kit can be crafted using two logs at the crafting table, and can be stacked to hold up to three in one slot. You can revive a fire camp with fuel.

I radio yellow.png

  • Radios: Radios are used to communicate with another player anywhere on the map. To communicate with someone else using a radio, they must have the same color radio as you. There are both Blue and Yellow Radios in the game, which can be crafted with two electronic and two mechanical scraps. Each traitor will spawn with an exclusive Red Radio. Red Radios are not items and cannot be dropped, crafted, or looted from bodies; instead, they are accessible to the Traitors whenever their radio slots are empty.

I trapdisarmkit.png

  • Trap Disarm Kit: The trap disarm kit can be used to deactivate any traps within range up to three times. It can be crafted with three electronic scraps.

I energyboost large.png

  • Energy Drinks: There are three types of energy drinks that can be found in Traitor crates. Energy drinks will raise the player's total health, hunger, and warmth stats. Note that any stat buffs stack additively.

I Vodka.png

  • Vodka: Vodka can be found rarely in crates, but often in traitor crates. It provides warmth when consumed and confuses player movement. It can no longer be crafted.
  • Stimulants: Stimulants can be found in bunker crates. When consumed, stimulants temporarily increases your movement speed and physical damage by 15% for 30 seconds before decreasing them by 20% for 15 seconds after the primary effect wears off.
  • Flare: Flares can be crafted with one electronic scrap and one fuel or found in bunker crates. When thrown, flares will ignite and display a location marker for all players at its position for two minutes.
  • Tripwire: Tripwires are deployed and only visible to the player who deployed them. If any player crosses between the two tripwire nodes, the tripwire will set off an alarm, making a noise and showing a beacon to all players nearby
  • Quick Disarm Kit: Quick disarm kits can be crafted (3 per recipe) with one wood and one mechanical scrap or found in bunker crates. If a player is holding a quick disarm kit in their inventory when stepping in a bear trap, it will be consumed and significantly reduce the duration of the trap.
  • Poison: Poison will slow the affected player down, decrease their field of vision and make them periodically puke, reducing their hunger. The effect lasts 30 seconds.
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