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When a player either dies in game or escapes successfully while other players remain, they will become a ghost. Ghosts can communicate with each other, observe and listen in to the conversations of the remaining players (including any radio color), and can even provide boosts and debuffs to the remaining players in the form of Ghostly Abilities. Ghosts can now interact pick up one object at a time. The charge pick up bar takes about 10 seconds to pick up the item, but will be reset if a living person looks at said item.

Ghostly Abilities[]

Ghostly Feast: Activate the ghostly feast to place a transparent feast that will satiate any nearby, surviving players.

Ghostly Fire: Ghosts can light a mystical campfire that appears for living players for a short duration, increases warmth of players in proximity.

Ghostly Heal: When activated, any players in near proximity will recover a small amount of health.

Ghostly Chill: When activated, any players in near proximity will lose a small amount of warmth. Ghostly Chill will interrupt a players action and make them flinch for a half of a second afterwards, delaying the attempt to repeat the action.


Ghosts have the ability to teleport between the remaining living players. To teleport to the next player, press E, and to teleport to the previous player, press Q. This can be used as a convenient way to keep tabs on all of the remaining surviving players instead of just one specific player or group. There is a short wait time between teleporting to each living person.

Example to how to play a ghost[]

As a ghost, you can try to convey a message to other players:

- if you were a survivor, and trust people who saw your corpse (or your death by another player saying you were a traitor, ghostly heal them. They would be able to understand that you were a "survivor" and that they were deceived.

- if you were a traitor and a survivor killed you and there are witnesses who might doubt the survivor, ghostly heal them. They might think you were a survivor and maybe kill your killer or exil him. A good way to sow discord.

- if you were a survivor, and you want to signal that there is a traitor among the group, you can try to cool only the player in question (pay attention to the radius of action)

- as ghosts, survivors are more numerous, they can work as a team to help the remaining players (this can make a huge difference) providing what survivors need.