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A.K.A. - Traitor Airdrop

One of the key things helping out the traitors are traitor airdrops. These are similar to Secure Crates in the fact that they both contain energy drinks and items to assist the traitors. The drop gives 3 traitor credits to the first opener.


A traitor airdrop will only spawn under a specific condition. When either the first objective or second objective is first needed to be repaired, an 8-minute timer starts and is displayed next to the current objective. If the timer runs out before the current objective is repaired, the traitor airdrop will spawn somewhere on the outside of the map. It will never drop into the center. When it comes in, a global announcement prints it on everyone's screen. The traitors will see a red beacon on their screen directing them towards the drop.


Airdrops will always contain:

The Care Packages can also contain any of the following items:

  • A Shotgun
  • A Sniper Rifle
  • A Semi-Auto Rifle
  • A Poisoned Crossbow
  • A Tranquilizer Gun
  • 1-2 Bear Traps
  • 2 Vodka
  • A Smoke Bomb
  • A Landmine
  • Stimulants

Airdrop Ability[]

Each Traitor Airdrop also comes with one of the following abilities that can be activated once.

Global Exile[]

For 90 seconds, all players (including traitors) are exiled from the cabin and power station.

Reveal Escape[]

All traitors are shown a beacon pointing to where the escape vehicle will come in.

Jam Radios[]

For 90 seconds, yellow and blue radios are disabled. Traitors can still communicate over red radios during this disadvantage.

Remote Sabotage[]

The first objective is remotely sabotaged. This will never sabotage the second objective, and only spawns on the second traitor drop when the objective timer runs out.