Project Winter Wiki

There are multiple building types scattered throughout the map. These contain several Supply Crates and other resources helpful in completing objectives and identifying Traitors.

These are very useful for quickly gathering Repair Materials and other Items.

Unlock Stations[]


Buildings are locked and require between 2 - 3 players to use Unlock Stations to open.

Be aware Traitors are able to sabotage Unlock Stations!

'Breaking' a bunker looks the same as if you are unlocking it, but once all necessary players activate their stations, the door will not open and the bunker will be locked permanently. Bunkers can also be Sabotaged in advance for 4 traitor credits for a similar effect but without needing a traitor to 'break' it when opening.

When a Survival Drop occurs the Innocents get a large cache of supplies and weapons. In addition the crate has the ability to unlock all* bunkers in the entire map.

  • bunkers that have been sabotaged in advance will not be opened by this ability


There are several variations of Bunkers spread across the map.



The Armory appears on the Cabin Map for the traitors and the Soldier. It can only be opened with the Soldier, traitors or Yeti(Blackout only) and two other players.



This building contains Weapons,Gun Parts, and Energy Drinks in four Supply Crates.


The Laboratory contains two Truth Serum Device, where one is unlocked once opened and another you must wait five minutes and a Lazarus Machine which the Scientist can use to revive players as long as the Scientist has the dead player's (uncooked) heart.

The laboratory has 3 Unlock Stations that are spread out across the cabin tile. Following the pipes in the ground will lead you to the unlock stations which must all be activated at the same time to unlock the Lab.