Project Winter Wiki


The map has shrunk, and the eclipse is upon the land. The survivors have to escape as usual, but the traitor (yes, singular) has a few tricks up their sleeves.

Make way for the first DLC, Project Winter: Blackout.

Traitor's Ability[]

In the game, regardless of the number of players, there will be a single traitor against everyone else. However, there are new abilities the traitor can use depending on their assigned role: Demon or Whisperer

These roles are exclusive to the DLC, and the traitor can not be any other role other than those two.

Both roles allow the traitor to convert survivors into traitors.

The Demon[]

Traitor demon.png

One of the roles the traitor can be assigned to is the Demon. The Demon has an ability that requires a full charge. The ability is used when a player that is not already a traitor is picked up. The revived player will be transformed, and the charge of the Demon would be consumed. The charge recharges over time. There is no way to speed up the charge.* Once a demon converts a survivor, they receive a 10% stat boost like an energy drink. If the Demon is killed, everybody the Demon had transformed dies. If an Identity Thief takes this role, this starts all over again. So the Thief will not die if taking this role. If Thief is killed then all their converts are killed.

The Whisperer[]

Traitor whisperer.png

The other role the traitor can be assigned to is the Whisperer. The Whisperer's ability requires a full charge and can be used by holding the F key. Can be charged faster by gathering resources. Every player within a certain shown range around you will have their influence increased. This 'whisper meter' is shown above each player. The more players in your range when you use your ability, the less amount it adds to each persons whisper meter. Certain roles cant be transformed into a traitor, and to indicate this for a whisperer, any player with an immune role has a restriction sign on it. If the Whisperer dies, the earliest converted gets the role as Whisperer. When a player is converted, messages go out to all traitors.

The Whisperer gets the message "Converted [username]".

The Converted player gets the message "You have been converted".

All other traitors get the message "Our whispers have grown stronger".

New Survivor Roles[]

In Blackout DLC a few new roles were added to  the Classic roles, the Hunter was added, and the Hacker and Identity Thief does not appear.


Survivor medium.png

You are able to see but not hear the ghost of any dead players around you. This is a passive ability. Any ghosts that are within your range of vision will be automatically visible to you.


Survivor hunter.png

You are immune to conversion and have a single use ability to reveal a role. Gain charge by gathering resources, looting crates or helping with objectives. Use your charged ability on a player, this will secretly reveal their role to you.


Survivor padre.png

You have a single use ability to boost one other player. The chosen player will have a significant stat increase. +50% Health, +30% Heat, +30% Food. Beware! Using the ability on a traitor will give the traitor an even larger boost of +75% Health, +50% Heat, and +50% Food. Gain charge by looting crates and helping with objectives.

Yeti (Neutral Role)[]


As the Yeti, you are immune to conversion and are neither a Survivor nor a Traitor. You can side with either faction or be on your own. Complete your bonus objective to escape with the Survivors or help the Traitors kill or convert the Survivors. There are specific achievements for the Yeti so be on the lookout for those. Traitors can't convert the yeti. Yeti can't sabotage or open survivor airdrops.

New Items[]

These items are in addition to the Classic version.


Melee weapon that gives out a small circle of light and regenerates some warmth. Costs an additional wood on top of the standard tool cost (1 ore and wood)


Prevents conversion from traitors. Against the Whisperer, it absorbs conversion points, breaking at full capacity. Against the Demon, it repels one conversion attempt and revives from the knockdown, breaks after one use.

This is also a very expensive item to make: 3 mechanical scrap, 3 electrical parts, 2 fuel.

Holy Book[]

Melee weapon that is more effective towards animals during the Witching Hour event. Crafted with the standard tool cost (1 ore and 1 wood)

Gatling Stake Gun[]

A ranged weapon that is more effective towards animals during the Witching Hour event. Crafted with 3 wood and one gear (Mechanical Scrap) 100 DMG and 40 shots.

Flash Bang[]

Lights up the area and blinds the other players for a period of time. Players affected by a flashbang will have a burning visual effect on them. Costs the same to craft as a smoke bomb (1 fuel)

The items below are also in the normal mode of Project Winter[]

Tripwire (x2)

When triggered, releases an alarm to all players in the area. Does no damage.

Quick Disarm Kit (x3)

You can free yourself from a bear trap faster then usual.


A throwable item that produces an indicator on all players' screens like a Repair Beacon. The indicator is orange.

DLC Events[]

The Project Winter: Blackout has its own selection of events it can pull from. Some are from the original game, but others are exclusive to the DLC. Each Event may happen every game, Total Eclipse and Witching Hour can happen twice while all other can only happen once.

Mass Hysteria[]

This event is the same as the original game. All gamer tags disappear and a unique soundtrack plays over all the mayhem. Players turn to rabbits and are indistinguishable from one another.

Seed of Madness[]

[Temporarily Removed]

This event is the same as the original game. Madness spreads when mad players are around sane players Players will get a random debuff every so often. The debuffs being, laughing, dazed which slower movement and a circling stars visual effect, inverted controls, freezing both player movement freezes, and warmth drops 100, mindless will only drop one of the items if stacked.

Escape Pod[]

This event is the same as the original game. The escape pod somewhere in the map will be identified by the HUD icon of a yellow circle with a plane. 90 seconds after it starts the pod will open up and become intractable. Only holds one Innocent If a traitor sabotaged it first, the pod will explode and kill whoever was inside it. Costs 4 traitor tickets to sabotage.

Total Eclipse[]

This event lasts roughly 2 minutes. When it is announced, the map will lose light for five seconds. The only things that could provide light are the cabin and the torch. Gamer tags will disappear during the event. Both the cabin and first objective will be locked. Any player inside these will be kicked out as if exiled. Visibility is changed during this event. Innocents get significantly reduced visibility where everything outside a tiny circle will be mostly pitch black. The traitors will have full visibility but their screen will be tinted red, giving them a chance to strike under the cover of darkness. Ghosts also have full visibility, but with a green tint instead. Cosmetics that glow are still visible even in the darkness. Has a unique soundtrack of clicking teeth.

Witching Hour[]

This event lasts about 3 minutes All vision is tinted purple and howls of animals are heard. All dead animals will be revived in a "phantom form", so to speak. On top of that, all animals are now hostile to the players and deal more damage than normal. The phantoms and animal behaviors all return to normal after the event is over. Phantoms will disappear at the end of the event, although there is a bug and sometimes some of the phantoms wont disappear after the event. During this time the Holy Book melee does 3X damage to ALL animals(not just phantom) allowing you to 1 shot wolfs, 2 shot moose, and 3 shot bears. This can be used extremely effectively during the animal wave objective.


Unlike the Normal Map, Blackout's map layout is the same every time, excluding randomly spawning objects like bunkers, crates and objectives.

The map is smaller than normal and there is no North or West tile.

The Cabin tile is located in the North-West tile, as well as the tunnels.

Travel Tubes[]


Similar to a traitor hatch, the map is easily traversed using a group of Travel Tubes. The hub can be found South-West from the cabin.

In the center of the tubes is a large ore structure, and inscribed in the shape of the map. Inside each map tile is a symbol, and one tube has a matching symbol inscribed on the lid. Taking a tunnel will take you to the part of the map with the matching symbol on the center ore.

Traitors Bluff[]

There is also another tunnel, usable only by traitors; it is located approximately to the south east of the main five tubes. The tunnel takes the traitors to the south-most part of the map.

This area

  • has 4 traitor boxes(sometimes 1-2 of the boxes are lower on island and are easy to miss), a radio box and a permanent campfire in the center
  • the campfire, though permanent, requires wood as any other campfire
  • is predominantly coloured red