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To start the match, most players will first craft either an axe, pickaxe, or sickle. These tools are useful for collecting wood, ore, and berries and can also be used as weapons that deal much more damage than a bare fist. To craft any of the three you will need one ore and one wood, ore can be gathered by breaking down the silver rocks in front of the cabin and wood can be gathered by breaking down a tree. Once you have crafted your weapon, you should find the power station on the map and check which repair material is needed to repair it. The options are:

  • 15 fuel
  • 15 mechanical scrap
  • 15 electronic scrap

These items can be crafted at the crafting table in the cabin, but the preferred method to get them is to search bunkers with fellow players. Bunkers are spread throughout the map and need 2-3 players to open. You will find 4 crates inside of a bunker, and these crates can contain a number of items, the most common being repair materials. Crates can also contain rare items such as gun parts, traps, energy boosters, or even weapons.

Once you and your fellow survivors have gathered enough materials to repair the power station, a second objective will commence. You can find this objective by checking the map which will reveal three possible locations of where the objective might be. Once it is found, you will either need to gather more repair materials or fight off waves of an animal horde while one player holds down the objective. Once this second objective is complete, you can call in a rescue vehicle from the cabin. The vehicle icon will appear on your map, and you will be able to board once you reach the vehicle.

Remember to maintain warmth and hunger during the match, as both will slowly drain while out in the wilderness. Warmth can be restored by going to the cabin, using a campfire, or finding and activating the hot springs or the Druid Alter. Hunger is restored by eating food including berries and meat, and can be greatly restored by cooking the food at the cabin first.

Always be vigilant of traitors and animal wildlife, both are likely to kill you if you are out exploring alone. The best method of survival is sticking with a group and working together with fellow survivors, but remember that anyone could be a traitor in disguise.

These tips are more applicable for players who spawn in as a survivor, if you want to know how to play as a traitor check out our Traitors page.


We'd like to give a special thank you to CNA and Amphiprison for helping lay some of the groundwork for this wiki!