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Ability Charge[]

Many special roles have a charge wheel that needs to be full in order to use their ability. If a player's charge isn't full, they cannot use their active ability.

All charges fill up over time.

Survivor Roles[]


Survivor medic.png

The Medic has both a passive and active ability. The Medic's passive ability shows them the health of other players they can see. The Medic's active ability, after a short channel, allows them to revive downed players within a circular area at the cost of some of the Medic's max health (-15% Health per player revived). The max health loss can fixed with a pot pie. Medics can revive more than one person with their active ability. This role was removed.


Survivor defector.png

The Defector has the special ability to open Secure Crates and Care Packages. Each charge of the ability only allows the Defector to open one of these items. The ability takes 5 minutes and 30 seconds to recharge. The Defector can also open the Traitor Airdrops if they are lucky enough to stumble on one but they cant activate its ability.

Even if a secure crate has already been opened by a traitor, it will still require a full charge to look inside as defector.


Survivor soldier.png

The Soldier has the special ability to open the Armory. After the first objective has been completed, the soldier will be able to check the map outside of the cabin to see which quadrant the Armory is in. The enter. In order to open the bunker, the Soldier must be the one to press the white button. This role was removed.

Keep in mind, Traitors can open the Armory too.


Survivor scientist.png

The Scientist can use the Lazarus Machine in the Laboratory to revive a dead player. The Scientist must put the dead player's uncooked heart into the machine, then activate it. See the wiki page on the Lazarus Machine for more details. This role was removed.


Survivor hacker.png

When the Hacker's ability is charged, they are able to use two Electronic Scraps to unlock a Bunker by themselves. The Hacker's ability starts with a charge at the beginning of the game and recharges over time.



The Detective's ability is that when investigating bodies, he can see 3 out of the 7 "stats" of a corpse.

This is a passive ability and can be done an unlimited amount of times.


An example of "stats":

Traitor Roles[]


Traitor medic.png

The Traitor Medic has the same abilities as the Survivor Medic in addition to their normal Traitor abilities. The Traitor Medic can see other players' health and can revive downed players at the cost of some of their own health.


Traitor hacker.png

The Traitor Hacker has a similar ability to the Survivor Hacker's ability in addition to their normal Traitor abilities. When the Traitor Hacker's ability is charged, they can spend 1 Traitor Credit to open a Bunker by themselves. The Traitor Hacker's ability starts with a charge at the beginning of the game and recharges over time.


Traitor scientist.png

The Traitor Scientist (previously Mad Scientist) is similar to the Survivor Scientist. Inside the Laboratory is the Lazarus Machine, which any version of the Scientist can use as long as they have an uncooked Human Heart. When a Traitor Scientist uses the machine, if the player was innocent, they will become a traitor after being cloned. The Identity Thief will not change roles when cloned.

Other Roles[]

Identity Thief[]

Identity thief.png

The Identity Thief has no loyalty to either the survivors or the traitors. The Identity Thief has the ability to steal the role of a dead player. If you assume a special role, like a Hacker, the Identity Thief gains all the abilities of that role. The Identity Thief can only assume one role.

In order to win as an Identity Thief, you must steal a dead player's role and win according to that role's objective. If you assume a Survivor role, you must escape to win. If you assume a Traitor role, you must prevent the Survivors from escaping.

If truth serum is used on the Identity Thief before they have assumed a role, whether or not they appear as a Traitor will depend on who uses it. If a Survivor uses truth serum on an Identity Thief, the Identity Thief will appear to be a Traitor. If a Traitor uses truth serum on an Identity Thief, the Identity Thief will appear to be a Survivor.


  • The Innocent Scientist used to be a bit different. When they attempted to revive someone, regardless of their role, there was a 25% chance they would be traitor. Otherwise, they were Survivor.
  • The previous version of the Medic allowed the Medic to craft a Med-Kit for only two herbs, as opposed to the four herbs they cost back then.
  • The traitor Medic used to be named the Stitcher
  • A traitor role called the Saboteur used to exist. When a Saboteur drank an energy drink, they gained traitor credits instead of stat boosts. They were also able to craft landmines using 3 traitor credits. This role was discontinued as players disliked not being able to have the stat boost in energy drinks.